Rhetorical Appeals In Kate Chopin's The Story Of An Hour

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"The Story of an Hour":
Rhetorical Appeals
"The Story of an Hour" is a rather sad and short essay, but is filled with description and the main rhetorical appeals. Such as logic, credibility, and emotion; the writer Kate Chopin does an excellent job at displaying these. Therefore aiding her in expressing what it is like to be a wife and the struggles of marriage in the late 1800 's. She also expresses that you can never really know the truth unless you really look, and it took the death of her husband to realize that she was unhappy in her marriage. The essay is about Mrs. Mallard, a married woman in the 1890 's with a heart condition. She soon finds out that her husband has passed away, and she is sad at first but then comes to realize that it 's as if a weight has been lifted off her shoulders. As she is thinking about all of this she is staring out of her window and all the signs of life make her realize she can do what she wants now. After she has processed her husband 's death it turns out that he is not dead and he comes home and she sees him at the bottom of the stairs. When she sees him shock overwhelms her and causes her to have a heart attack and die. The doctor in the essay says that she was killed by "heart disease--of the joy that kills" but really we know that it was the shock of her freedom being ripped away from her that did her in.
Kate Chopin is a very reliable source when it comes to marriage and how hard it can be. Kate herself was married and then
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