Native American Cultural Traditions

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Throughout history, cultural practices play a huge role into any race because these traditions define who we are as person and where our roots come from. Some of these practices can come from anywhere like a far away region like China or somewhere close like Mexico. Although, some of these traditions come from different places, but where they originated from is in different era 's of time that relate to the festivity. Which can lead up to a person race and background. Even though it leads back to a certain race, it only a fraction of an entire race due to the many traditions that one race can have because any individual 's background can have multiple origins, that makes them who they are. Although it can connect to a person 's race, there…show more content…
However, during the colonial era after establishing many towns, many Mexican that strongly believe in the catholic belief remodel celebration in a different forms. They adopted these different practices from the Cannery island and Peru to make their own in another way. What Mexican did was that they use the teachings of Spain through a mass while using idols and candles that Cannery islanders did. As well as devoting themselves into a festival so many can join in, just like Peru did. Although it was made into that form to celebrate it, however, in many other places they changed a few things to fit their devotion towards this tradition. For many families that believe in the religions festivity they celebrate in religious tone. They preform a ceremony that makes the godparents of the "owner" of baby Jesus to dress them up in white clothing to represent baby Jesus ' purity and take them to the church on a tray with a candle. In which they return baby Jesus back to their "owners" and light the candle. This ceremony was to represent how Mary and Joseph presented Jesus in church when he was born forty days after. In the article "Dia de la Candelaria a Mexican Tradition" state that,"…is dressed in white to represent El Nino de las Palomas (The Child of the Doves) or El Nino de las Azucenas (The Child of the White Lilies), which signifies the purity of his being".(par.5). This tells that child that they bring in should be pure when they enter the church. However, in place like Tlacotalpan and Veracruz they celebrate in a more festive way. In which they put a major fiesta on with bullfighting and parades as entertainment for the community on this day. For example in the article "Virgen de La Candelaria - Festivals in Peru" state that,"...the virgin is led through the city in a colorful procession comprising priests, altar boys, the faithful, Christians and pagans carefully maintaining the hierarchy."(Par.3). Although, the traditions were changed over time that wasn 't

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