Compare And Contrast Columbus Day And Dia De La Raza

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Both Columbus Day and Dia de la Raza are celebrated on October 12. The two of these holidays, although celebrated in different parts of the world, celebrate and commemorate the discovery of America, or the Americas. Columbus Day (or in some places know as Native American Day) is celebrated in English speaking countries. Columbus Day is a federal holiday in the United States of America to celebrate the discovery of America, and to honor Christopher Columbus, who “discovered” the Americas. Some schools take Columbus Day off, but some don’t. There are parades in the big cities, like New York, and of course Macy’s makes a sale out of it.
There is much controversy with this holiday, not only in the United States, but also in other countries that …show more content…

They also celebrate the people that came after and helped combine cultures and races, but also the cultures of the natives before the Europeans came. This holiday is also used to proclaim the Hispanic Heritage of Latin America. It is celebrated in many countries such as Mexico, Costa Rica, Venezuela, and Uruguay. Dia de la Raza helps bring together many Spanish speaking people, and even cultures. Some ways this holiday is celebrated is with parades, traditional dances, and feasts. Many people think that Dia de la Raza is better than Columbus Day, because many people in the Spanish culture think that Christopher Columbus shouldn’t be praised for his “barbaric” actions. This is why in Spanish speaking countries that celebrate October 12, they celebrate Dia de la Raza.
Columbus Day and Dia de la Raza have both similarities and differences. Both celebrate discovery. However, if somebody comes to the town your native to, can they claim discovery even if you’ve lived there your whole life? Which leaves the question, can we really call it a discovery at all if there were already people inhabiting the

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