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Many Mexicans claim to be of Mexican-American nationality. This may be incorrect, because for the majority of individuals they are actually American citizens, but they never leave their Mexican roots behind. Although the words Mexican and American are commonly used together, the difference in cultures can lead an individual to become more acceptable to diversity. When exploring a new culture one of the immediate differences heard is the language they speak. If anyone has ever heard another individual say that not all the Spanish language is the same, well they 're right. Every Spanish speaking country communicates differently. One word in Puerto Rico may not be the same in Mexico. For instance, to Puerto Ricans the word chino (when talking…show more content…
In the country parts of Mexico all the ingredients they need to cook with are: salt, pepper, and oregano. Some foods Mexicans are commonly related to are tacos, beans, enchiladas, flautas, tortas, quesadillas, and so on. A lot of these dishes have one special element in common, the tortilla. There are two common tortillas used, the flour and corn tortilla. The ingredients to make tortillas are flour, corn flour (masa), water, and salt. Depending on the type of tortilla being made, is what dictates how much of what ingredient will be used. For example, if a cook wants to make beef tacos with flour tortillas, then he will use strictly flour, no masa. Now, a local street vendor who sells tacos will more than likely use masa in his tortillas, because they 're cheaper and easier to make. When making the corn tortillas, the main piece to this recipe is the masa. Mexicans can be very resourceful and have very creative, improvised grills or pots to cook their food in. I recall being in Mexico a few summers back and my family was grilling fish in a barrel that was split straight down the middle, they inserted rods into the barrel, and utilized twigs to cook the fish…show more content…
Americans celebrate holidays every other month. An American holiday is Veterans Day. Veterans Day happens every year on the day of November 11. It 's a day to recognize, remember, and honor US troops who are currently serving the Armed forces of the United States or for those who have finished serving their time in the military. Due to Veterans Day being a federal holiday, majority of Americans get the day off so they can celebrate the day. People have cookouts, BBQs, parties, community events, and much more to remind Americans that they live in the land of the free, because of our military veterans. You will also see Veterans Day sales specifically to offer lower priced goods to Americans. This is to show appreciation to those who have served. The whole objective of veterans day was to raise awareness to fellow Americans about those brave and heroic troops who have sacrificed their lives. Throughout the 1900s George Washington 's day of birth was celebrated on February 22, but slowly emerged into President 's Day, which is a festivity day for Americans, because they celebrate the Presidents that have served as our leaders.

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