Chicana Or Chicano Identity

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Chicana or Chicano refers to an identity used by a certain community of Mexican-Americans who live in the United States. Most of the Americans born Mexicans do not like to be called Chicanos or Chicanas as they have a negative personality towards it. They take it as a refusal of identity since it is difficult to identify whether they are Americans or Mexicans. To them, it is a sign of discrimination as they are at times called ‘country less people’ (Doubleday, 1970).
The pro-indigenous or Mestizo characteristics of Chicano nationality has established firmly like the national identity of the Mexicans in which culture is strongly syncretic between the Spanish and indigenous culture. The Chicano or Chicana identity resulted from the experience of the Mexican-American, who lived in the United States.
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The text of the poem makes a clarification that ‘Marina speaks for herself', (Chicana Poetry, pg 187). The text states that the daughter of Marina is an equal mixture of Christian and pre-Columbian legacies. The poem describes how the Chicana or Chicanos and the pre – Columbian have come to respect the religion of each other. They have bonded, and all of them have become Christians.
According to Marina poems La Malinche, a woman from the Mexican and an actor in the Spanish conquest where she acted as an interpreter and a lover was married to a Spaniard. La Malinche conceived a child who is said to be the very first Mestizos since he was a mixture of the European and indigenous American. La Malinche is said to have brought Christianity and she interacted with the Spaniards despite the fact that she was indigenous American. By the actions of La Malinche the Spanish and pre – Columbian shared a common characteristic of being Christians, (Chicana Poetry, pg

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