Stereotypes And Testimonios: Mexicana, Latin America

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Zaira Meza
1. There are many terms that are utilized, and bestowed by contemporary society to describe what in their eyes I am in terms of identity. For example, I have been labeled Mexicana, Chicana, Latina, and Hispanic. Honestly, I don't know what exactly I coincide with. Every one of these words tends to have some truth about me, but maybe not the whole truth. When I would describe myself in terms of identity to me it’s simply that both my parents originated from Mexico, but I was commenced in the United States. The word that is used to describe this in a somewhat correct fashion for my situation is a Chicana. In my perspective my actual history is Mexican history not American history. I noticed that society says that my history …show more content…

The identity of Chicanos and simply Mexican American comes with many labels and stereotypes that throughout the year’s society has placed us Chicanos. We see and live these stereotypes on a daily basis. It's shown through all of society every single day. An example is the sign Fresh Mexican Food in Mexican restaurants, because Mexican food has a stereotype being a street, unhealthy, and unfresh food that in order for a Mexican restaurant to be somewhat professional or valid it has to state the word fresh in front of Mexican. One never points out a sign saying Fresh Vietnamese food because society already predicts that their food is fresh. That’s just a simple stereotype think about the many others that once again are depicted every single day. For instance, in all the Mexican American telenovelas and movies they all showcase drugs, sex, and violence. This gives me the connotation that many in our society now have the stereotype of us Mexican being interested and involved in things depicted in the media like drugs, sex, and violence. Moreover, these aren’t all the stereotypes that are seen in our society. We see different houses, and signs depending where one lives. We consider somewhere that is called a barrio as a dangerous place where many killings and crimes take place only because it consists of many Chicanos. Many in our society have given the connotation that we Chicanos are uneducated, and a minority. Others might also thinks that Chicanos have money issues that for instance having trouble paying the bills. In other words that Chicanos are poor. In terms of the government and the workforce society might fear and stereotype us as trying to take over the jobs, and all of America. We also given the stereotype that we eat a lot of food, and are mean people that think we are superior to others. Others might say that Mexicans are short and fat. Funny thing many of these things aren't

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