East Asian American Immigrant Children Essay

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1. Rationale and Specific Aims In general, acculturation research focus on three different populations, which are immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers, who are permanently settled down to a new country. Also, in the trend of international migration, ethnicity continuously may matter beyond the ages. Even though people who migrate as young children or children who are born in a migrated country might be more likely to obtain cultural values easily than those who migrate at older ages, but there are still a lot of hardships living in the new environment are existed. Thus, in this paper, I will focus on defining of East Asian American immigrant children who are moving to the United States after their birth rather than refugees or asylum seekers. As mental illness is extremely stigmatizing in almost all Asian cultures currently, so, compared to Caucasians, Asian Americans exhibited significantly elevated …show more content…

Primary problem is that significant mental problems are anticipated for East Asian American immigrant children, who are delicate to external changes, who are not completely developed physically and cognitively, and who have not had many adventurous experiences such as moving to a new country. Second, there are significant cultural gaps between home society of East Asian American immigrant children and the native societies that are newly receiving the East Asian American immigrant children. In this point, I am focusing on East Asian American immigrant children population, such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, their mental health problem, and provide intervention program that are helpful to them. Therefore, my research question is as following: Does a culturally modified cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) intervention at school-based setting help East Asian American immigrant children with depressive mental symptoms effectively acculturate to life in the Unites

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