Essay About Hispanic Parents

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When I was in middle school classmates would ask me if I could hang out with them I would always tell them no because of my parents, they would never believe me. I believe Hispanic parents are stricter than American parents because of the way the parents were raised, the town we live in, and they are very protective. The first reason for Hispanic parent begin strict is because of the way they were raised. When you are a Hispanic that has never been to Mexico you don’t understand because you will never see or feel how it is to be poor in Mexico. For example, my dad loved school he loved learning, but he only graduated from middle school, then went to work because when his dad had passed away. When my mom told me this story I felt sad for my …show more content…

When I say all I mean that some families could be deported, so my parents got their citizenship in order not to be afraid of being forced out of your own home. For example I always as a kid wanted to go to sleep over, but my parents said no because they didn’t know the parents. Another time my sister wanted to hang out with her friends, but my parents said no once again then my sister said you can meet my friends my mom said let me think about it, so she did and my oldest sister went to meet up with her friends. In the end my sister was allowed to go, but it took some time for my sister to get permission from my mom to get to go out with different people other than family. Their reason makes sense, but my sister hates that they do this. With my brothers it was different because they snuck out of the house and my mom would wake up in the morning and see them missing and then she would lock all the doors, so they couldn’t come back inside of the house. What my mom did was really drastic, but she did it for a good reason he never asked permission. The only friends I really have is 2 good friends and I barley talk to them because there’s nothing to talk about once high school is over I still have to worry about

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