Narrative Essay About Immigrants

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Ms. Hernandez & Wickersham
American Literature
Seek And You Will Find
They say there is freedom and peace in “America”, but is there really? I can not answer such a question. However, I have my own opinion; which it is different from your typical red-blooded American because I am an immigrant. My experiences as an immigrant have changed my views on the “freedom” in America. America is made of immigrants, who bring varieties of things, traditions and communities. Together we must stand for a better life and live by the American dream.
Immigrants have had an interesting history with the United States of America. Back in the early start of the country, many were welcomed with open hands and accepted. In the Fiftieth Anniversary Of The Statue Of liberty …show more content…

In the daily life we have seen that we have conflict with immigrants. For example my family has struggled with these same problems, we have come up to been forced to leave places because we don 't have the “right” to be there. This is not right, we are human beings too and we have the same rights as any other person. I am sure that not only my family goes through this, it really is heartbreaking that such a thing can happen that “Americans” don 't care and are willing to break up families just because they don 't “belong” here. What is it that we have done to deserve to be treated less and be to get stomped on. Can we be equal for once and be fair to everyone? Immigrants are human beings, not only that but we are normal people. Just because we come from a different place does not automatically mean we are criminals.
In conclusion to be in American is so much more than just being born here in America, it is to stand for a better life and to live by the American dream, we are a melting pot all united together to live by the American

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