The Pros And Cons Of 13th-15th Slavery

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Land of the free and home of the brave. America is a country that is known for its freedom worldwide. Many abandoned their own country in order to try and live a perfect life in America, where they will not be discriminated against no matter what nationality, sex or religion an individual is. America was not always this promising to minorities mid 1800’s. America had huge faults such as slavery which later was one of the reasons the north and south separated and went to war with each other. This occurred because the south was against freeing the slaves. This time is considered as the reconstruction era. Although it may seem like a lot of negatives came from it such as hate crimes and a civil war, there are pros such as the passing of the 13th-15th …show more content…

It was not until mid-1800 when America separated and had a civil war between the north and south. The results from this war put the south into poverty and freed millions of slaves. After the Civil war was over the reconstruction era began. Leaders such as Abraham Lincoln signed off three Amendments that would help give African Americans equal rights. The first Amendment that was signed off was the 13th Amendment, which prohibited slavery in America. This was critical because a majority of the people were against this and would still go on to disown African Americans. The next Amendment is the 14th, this allowed anyone that was born in the U.S to be considered a citizen and get treated with the equal amount of laws. The passing of this Amendment would ensure equal rights to everyone. Lastly the 15th Amendment is passed and this made it so African American men can vote. It was very important for this Amendment to pass at a time like this. African Americans now were given an opportunity to have a voice in the house and fight for the freedom they deserve. All of these Amendments passed in the 1800s is still with America to this day, without the passing of these Amendments separation in America could have never got fully resolved. This was a successful outcome from the reconstruction era and it helped shape America what it is

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