Pros And Cons Of Articles Of Confederation

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Articles of confederation was the first type of structure for America since it was the first Constitution. Since it landmarked the start of the United States of America .It was huge since it declared independence against Great Britain Right after the revolution. It Gave the people of the colonies amendments, but it had a huge weakness and a hole that needed to be filled in. Was hard to enforce, since there was nearly no central power. The articles had zero central power which was a major problem for the states from making their own foreign diplomacy. And they couldn't without the central power. The articles made it so they could not tax the colonies. Taxing is huge since it supplies the country with its demands ( …show more content…

Where the men calmly explained their ideals and debated their ideas and made a unique government and in the end made a great decision. The most important men that signed this document was Benjamin franklin, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and George Washington( .The framers wanted federalism since it let the government control the states but at the same time the states have their own problem they can not solve without the government. The framers are scared of the central government having too much power. Wanted three branches of government made for checks and balances. Which made the government make better decisions and not have to much power for each branch of government. The constitution has been amended, when the Amended prohibiting buying or selling alcohol was placed. Of course people are going to revolt this and eventually was after being so unpopular. Also the 15th amendment was changed which once did not let blacks get full rights to vote if there were once a slave( Now everyone can vote no matter race or color. It was so important since blacks were still get discriminated. Blacks during this time got little pay their residential area

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