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The Articles of Confederation go through a long and difficult process. After the Independence War in 1776, the 13 states adopted the Articles of Confederation; it could not solve the problems in early time of America completely.It played an important role in the history of America, because these Articles influenced the Constitutional Convention and promoted the development of history of the United States.
In history, Columbus discovered America land. People established Jamestown which was the first British colony. At early time, colonists lived a hard life. Discovered by john smith, Indian offered colonists much help and gave them chance to live. Through the relationship with Indians, the development of colonies increased very rapidly. In 1620, …show more content…

It began with the first shooting in Lexington and Concord. They are the sign of the start of revolution war. Colonists needed to fight with British army for freedom. They needed to get together and have a concentration of power.However, in early time of America, the states were controlled by themselves. They had different constitution, different policies, even use different money. So the Continental Congress established for gathered all states and discuss the way to govern the new nation.
The first Continental Congress held in 1774 in Philadelphia. There were 12 colonies in the first Continental Congress without Georgia. According a long time discussion, they asked for independent from Britain, they want Britain can abolish Acts and controls. In fact,British did not accept, so the independent war broke out.
The Second Continental Congress met in 1775 in Philadelphia. In this congress, Thomas Jefferson designed the declaration of independence. Its purpose was to influence public opinion and gain support from states and foreign. This declaration let all 13 states get together to get strong power to fight with British. A new nation was created named “United …show more content…

Under the Articles, The power of government was very weak. Every state wanted to gain more power and benefits. So, government did not have executive, no judiciary authorities, no army, and even no chance to gain taxation. The federal parliament only declared war and peace, sent foreign envoys, adjusted relationship between states.
Because of the weakness of the Articles of the Constitutional, there were lots of dissatisfaction in public. Lots of farmers took part in the Independence war, but after the war, their life didn’t have changed well; oppositely, they had to pay lots of taxation which were almost one third of their income. At the same time,the economy of the United States in a less developed area. In this dilemma, Daniel Shays, a retired soldier who wined lots of honors,but was treated unfairly, led farmer raise revolution in government.
The Constitutional Convention held during May 25 1787 to March 4 1789. This convention purpose is aimed at creating a fully empowered national government to replace the state-based system under the Articles of Confederation. The three major problems with the Articles were no control of taxation, no executive and unicameral congress. To resolve problems, the Great Compromise was reached a consensus. The 13 colonies created the New Jersey Plan and the Virginia Plan to protect their rights again, but these two Plans had not been assembly into the

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