Slavery And Injustice In America

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Slavery in America In the early years of the United States, Africans were shipped to America to become hard working slaves. Africans were constantly being taken from their families. Most slave owners treated slaves unfairly and denied them of basic rights. 12.5 million Africans were taken to be sold as slaves in America. 10 million survived the journey across the Atlantic. An injustice in our American History was when Africans were continually taken from their homes, forced to endure cruelty from their owners, other white people, and denied the same rights as other Americans. First of all, taking Africans away from their families, home, and treating them crudely as they were brought to America to become slaves was an injustice in history. Many times when slave traders brought slaves, they had to find a tribe of Africans to take to America. The traders would take the strong men, women, and children leaving the weak and old alone and unprotected. Even when most of one African family was taken to America, they would often be split up. Slave traders had multiple cities they visited, dropping a few slaves at each one. Doing this made it highly unlikely that Africans would be in the same city or state as a …show more content…

One of the many things they were denied was their freedom. Soon after America received their freedom they worked so hard to receive, they took in slaves. Taking away the freedom of Africans was an injustice in history. All slaves were also denied an education. Taking away the right to learn was unfair. Also, they were not allowed safety and protection like Americans. Any white person could get away with cruel treatment or degrading an African. As word spread around the country that Africans were inequal, many Americans believed and portrayed that they didn 't deserve rights. They used this as a way to treat slaves unfairly. Taking away rights from Africans was an inequitable act in the

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