Why Is The Dred Scott Decision Important To American History

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Property, a building or buildings and the land belonging to it or them. Are humans land? Apparently they are. In 1857, Dred Scott was treated as property, which someone should never experience. The Dred Scott Decision was important to American history and eventually led to the Civil War. The Dred Scott Decision was important since it changed the way African-Americans were viewed, and caused the Civil War since it caused Southern states to expand slavery. The Dred Scott Decision was significant to American history. The Dred Scott Decision was a crucial event for the entire United States. This significant choice started in 1846, and came to a close in 1857. Prior to this decision, Dred was enslaved in Alabama, then was brought to Missouri. From there, he was sold to John Emerson, who brought him to Wisconsin territory. Soon after, he was brought back to Missouri. Once in Missouri, Dred Scott, and his wife Harriet filed for their freedom in Missouri court. Eleven years later, Chief Justice Roger Taney denied Scott in Washington D.C. due to three rulings; African-Americans had no rights in federal court, Slave states no longer had to follow the doctrine “Once free, Always free”, Congress should never have banned slavery in any territories. …show more content…

Based on the court rulings, African-Americans had no rights whatsoever. This can be proven by one of the three rulings made by the Supreme Court; “African-Americans have no rights in federal court.“ Consequently, African-Americans were treated even worse than before, since they couldn’t do anything to be free. Additionally, the second ruling; “Congress should have never banned slavery” almost led to slavery being legalized in every state. If slavery would have been legalized nationally, our country would not be like it is

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