How Did African Americans Treated After The Civil War

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Before the civil war African Americans were enslaved forced to work on plantations. They were treated harshly, and faced many different hardships. This would change after the civil war, because they were granted their freedom. They were no longer forced to work on plantations, but that does not mean they were treated any better. After the civil war African Americans were still treated poorly and faced persecution for many years. Even though African Americans were free they still did not get treated the way that they should be. I feel that relations between white people and African Americans remained the same even after slavery was abolished. I believe this because there were black codes in America, the kkk was formed, and African Americans were segregated from the white people. Although slavery was abolished there were laws made to prohibit free slaves of complete freedom. These laws were known as black codes or slave laws. In the south especially these laws were set to restrict free slaves. African Americans had very little legal rights in court rooms, and could not even own properties. If …show more content…

The intention of this organization was to use violence against those who supported Reconstruction governments and efforts to improve conditions for African Americans. This organization was made up of mostly southern whites, and terrorized African Americans. In the article Albion W. Tourgee (1870) a man by the name of John W. Stephens, State Senator from Caswell was killed by the hands of the kkk. They killed him in the court room by stabbing him five to six times then hanging him on a hook in the court room. The reason for this horrific murder is because john was a supporter of reconstruction governments, and wanted to help African Americans. This is similar to slavery because no one could get away with helping African Americans, and those who did were

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