Asian American Stereotypes Essay

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Imagine this! You are from the diverse continent of Asia.. You are a 13 year old and still go to school. You have to get an A in every class on every test. If you don't your parents will yell at you. Your parents are doctors and you have to be one too. You of course are very smart (its in your genetics) and since your eyes are different you can't see and are going to become a bad driver. How long did it take you to see that I was listing stereotypes. Putting you in the chains that people place on Asian Americans. You may say that you don't think these things. You may not think so but in your subconscious you are. You put people in these boxes without thinking. In reality I am Asian but I am from India. I am smart because I work hard. My parents …show more content…

You may wonder what is a model Minority? A model minority is a group of people who others perceive to achieve the highest achievements and to be well off. This model minority is measured by income, education, criminal activity and marital status. The problem with this studious Asian stereotype is not everyone can live up to it. There are Asians that struggle for money and work. These binds make it seem as every Asian has the american dream. All Asians live in a picket fence world of perfectness. This is not the case in all instances. Some Asians are struggling to make end meet and are swallowed up and left behind because of this stereotype. In particular, lets look at a woman named Pranee Wilcox ,who worked as accountant back home in Thailand. She had a college degree. In 2001, the Thai ambassador offered her a job as his housekeeper in the Washington, D.C. She said yes -even though that meant leaving her babies behind in Thailand. Wilcox figured she would make more money working in the United States. Four years later, when her boss returned to Thailand, Wilcox decided to stay, however that meant living in the United States without papers and speaking very little to no English. Desperate for money, she worked 12-hour days, six days a week. First she worked as a cook, then in a nail salon. To this day she still feels

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