White Privilege And Male Privilege

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Patricia Collins tries to expose her readers to the term oppression and the different types of oppression that human beings can be subjected to or rather the different disparities that cause human oppression including gender and race among others. Collins (74) in her attempt to expound on the issue of oppression and dichotomous thinking argues that "one side of the dichotomy is typically labeled dominant and the other subordinate" which forms the basis of the definition of the term as being a way of thinking in which an individual is convinced that they are subject to being the dominant or the subordinate on the basis of different issues including race where the white male perceives himself as the dominant while the black male becomes the subordinate.The …show more content…

The author uses dichotomous thinking to classify white people as being the dominant party as they enjoy what she terms as "white privilege". She explains the privilege by noting that she was not forced to expose her children to the existence of racism and her certainty that the person-in-charge is often white “I did not have to educate our children to be aware of systemic racism for their own daily physical protection” and, “I can be reasonably sure that if I ask to talk to ‘the person in charge,’ I will be facing a person of my race” (McIntosh 89).
Our ability to realize the privileges that we get to enjoy allows us to notice the people who do not get to enjoy such privileges. Learning about privilege becomes vital as it allows human beings to be more considerate of individuals who do not get the same privilege. White privilege, as a form of privilege, often goes unnoticed. White people think that certain things, for example, the application of the phrase" not guilty until proven" is normal while for the black male living in the ghetto, the phrase is alien as they are considered to be suspects regardless of whether they are proven guilty or

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