Examples Of White Privilege Unpacking The Invisible Knapsack

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America is a diverse melting pot of various ethnicities and heritages all blended together to create the American society. As beautiful as that is, America as a population is mired in fear of addressing issues such as white privilege which is the product of discrimination and racism. White privilege is viewed by those opposed to it that those who are privilege received unwarranted success as a result of status, luck and privilege rather than putting in hard work or using their brain to earn their success. The existence of discrimination from white privilege comes from the privilege attained by a certain as well as oppression and social prejudice facing certain other groups or races. Individuals who are privileged in one society seldomly are unaware of their privilege, not because of their own doing, but simply because it is very easy to be oblivious to the privilege when you have never seen its adverse effect from the other side. …show more content…

throughout her life she discovered how her skin tone enabled her to maneuver situations in life a lot easier than she should be able to. White Privilege is synonymous to dominance. it correlates to an unearned strength and unearned control/power. Unearned power hearkens back to domination and one exerted superiority over another. white privilege can both intentionally or unintentionally oppress those who do not have it.White privilege still exists and is applicable in today’s society. We definitely can still talk about and recognize the existence of white

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