Annotated Bibliography On Divorce

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Fiyinfoluwa Olufemi
Professor McCaffrey
ENG 1102
09 February 2016

Annotated Bibliography: Are adult children of divorce more likely unable to form an intimate relationship?

Clarke-Stewart, Alison, and Cornelia Brentano. Divorce: Causes and Consequences. N.p.: Yale University Press, 2006. Web. 9 Mar. 2016.

Beginning with the essential historical and social context of divorce, the authors go on to provide some interesting trends and facts about marriages and divorce rates. This book also contains statistics on the distribution of separation by the duration of marriage in the United States. It additionally examines the effect of marital breakup on children, adults, and society. The author asserts that children from divorced families are two times likely to see their marriages end in divorce. Furthermore, the author says adults from divorced families are much less likely to trust, and constantly feel unsure to engage in romantic relationships which can lead to problems of not getting married in the future.

Jacquet, Susan E., and Catherine A. Surra. "Parental Divorce and Premarital Couples: Commitment and Other Relationship Characteristics." Journal of Marriage & Family 63.3 (2001): 627-638. OmniFile Full Text Select (H.W. Wilson). Web. 9 Mar. 2016.

The article examined the effects of parental divorce on adults’ romantic relationships by conducting a random sample with 464 coupled partners. The authors additionally describe the relationship characteristics most adult

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