Essay On Effects Of Divorce On Children

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Name: Norshafiqah Bibi Bt Abdul Shariff
ID Number: AM 160700103
Exercise 1: The effect of divorce.

Divorce has become a worldwide phenomenon. Parent divorce causes many problems and affects children negatively. It is also a behavior that has many implications for those involved. This situation becomes more consequential when children are considered. As divorce has become more common place in society, millions of children affected by separation of the nuclear family. For children, it is very hard to lose a parent because they just a little children that did not known what the situations really is. Also, a child 's life becomes more stressful because of the losses of parental support and economic. Significantly affect the child 's welfare. Since many children do not adapt well, their behavior is affected. These changes will affect their …show more content…

As well as the effect of the divorce, the child can have a psychological problem. In this case, divorce of parents can lead to signs of distress because of hurt feelings or loss of support from parents. A child may stop eating or have a hard time sleeping. A child may become more emotional. Some children are constantly worrying while others are angry or sad. Little children with divorced parents tend to throw more tantrums than those children of married parents. Children cry more often and are not as happy when their parents are divorced. This can lead to mental instability when the child becomes older, lower self-esteem which turns into bad behaviors. For instance, to run from the situation, the child will try hard to find the solution to make their feeling comfort. But, either it’s a negative or positive solution. It is a sad situation that is happening because the divorce of parents greatly harms the child 's relationships with people, school life, and their economic financial. Usually, the better the parents adjust to these losses, the better the children will adjust, and the fewer problems that will come

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