Divorce Affects Family

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Chapter 4 How Divorce Effects the Child, Family

In this book, our purpose is to make the world a most habitable place for the children- the future leaders of this world. We must be able to temper heated emotion with a not so heated temper. We must be able to walk away from volatile situations to prevent crisis.
Divorce on children is absolutely dreadful. It affects their moods, personality and has potential to be a detriment to their lives especially when growing up. In the earlier years of a child’s upbringing, it is imperative to have both of your parents to be together and with the family. This because children not knowing any better need both figures present and would feel so lost in certain aspects if mom or dad were absent.
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But as you and I know, it is not always the case in this modern world. All you deadbeat fathers gloat around this nation breathing free air. You and I do not have to pay for any of that. It is given to us freely so that we can survive without any obligations, negotiations. On the other hand, these fathers’ think you can buy a child’s love with gifts every now and then. Showing your child love and affection should also be free of charge. What these children need and want is an affectionate home comprised of two loving adults that is structured and well balanced with mom and dad, mom and mom, or dad and dad being happily in love with each other. A broken home does nothing for a child and only leaves the child broken as the name it implies. Growing up in my early school days I read the critically acclaimed novel, “Things Fall Apart” and “The Center Cannot Hold” written by great mentors of mine, Dr. Chinua Achobe and Dr. Elyn Saks. In my adult life, I must have read them again and again because I find these books highly intelligent and bright. So all you dads out there when you are thinking of breaking your homes, stop for a moment and think, what if this child would have turned out great if I were around. At that is not saying that the biological father has to be in the picture. I have witnessed first hand the love between a blended family with step-parents and half-siblings. Another adage that I know goes like so- the apple does not fall far from the tree. And again this can be true with blended families as well. All that matters is that the child is brought up properly and is well taken care

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