Analysis Of Abandonment In Ashely Rhodes Three Little Words

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Abandonment is a common problem that a lot of poor children face in life.Three Little Words by Ashely Rhodes is a nonfiction story that the author Ashely Rhodes goes through as a child getting taken away from her mother and getting tossed around into different homes. Through the course of the novel Ashelly demonstrates that her getting taken away from her mother has affected her and her younger brother Luke. Abandonment is the worst thing that could happen to a child but Ashley tries to get through it and has hope for her mother to come back for her. Ashley is shaped by abandonment because she starts to act out because she feels like no one wants her because she feels like her mother doesn't want her so she thinks nobody wants her. …show more content…

“I hate it here anyway!” It would be easier if they threw me out before I really wanted to stay.” This reveals how Ashley was shaped by the abandonment of her mother.She acts out in the foster homes that take her in and hopes that her mother comes back and gets her. Another piece of evidence that conveys this is on page 113, “Something boiled up inside me and I grabbed the back of his head and yanked his hair.He ran sobbing into Mrs.Merritt’s arms. “Why did you do that?” she asked me. “He was being a jerk!”We don’t talk like that in this house,”Mrs.Merritt said. This demonstrates that even though it was here little brother Ashley is acting out,out of spite cause she wants to be reunited with her

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