Girl Interrupted Movie Analysis

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Girl, Interrupted is a movie that is meant to portray multiple different mental illnesses and how they affect a person’s life along with others. It portrays illnesses that affect mood, eating, and thought processes. At the beginning of the movie, Susanna tried to kill herself with Aspirin and Vodka, but claims she had a headache, and was rushed to the hospital. The therapist she met with 4 days after her incident referred her to Claymoore, a psychiatric hospital, to treat her depression. Right as Susanna moved in, she got cornered by Lisa, because Susanna took her best friends place in the room. Susanna’s roommate is Georgina, who is in the hospital for having pseudologia fantastica. Lisa starts to take Susanna under her wing and helps her to get to know the ropes. Susanna has sexual interactions with her boyfriend and with one of the orderly at the hospital in the same day, which is seen as promiscuous. Being promiscuous is a sign of her disorder (Mangold,1999). Once Lisa is moved out of the ward Susanna is in, the two of them decide to escape and sell Valium to get money to go to Florida. The first night after escaping, they stay at Daisy’s new apartment and Lisa and Daisy get in a big fight. The next morning, Susanna finds that Daisy has hung herself in the bathroom. Susanna is taken back to the psychiatric hospital and starts to see the doctor 3 times a week. Lisa returns also. Almost right after Lisa returns, Susanna is being let out from the hospital. Each character

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