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Hatred has always been around in history, including from all of our literature that we’ve read this semester, and what we’ve learned. Some, more than others. And some still to this day.
In our Holocaust unit, there has been many, many examples of hatred, but I’ll talk about the hatred from Defiance. The 3 brothers that the movie follows, run into the woods, and finds out about their parents. This immediately starts hate towards the Germans, and eventually between each other.
Eventually, one of the brothers leaves to join some Mercenaries, and leaves the other 2. When he left, they decided to start a sort of “shelter” for Jews that escaped, and they helped Jews escape ghettos. When the Nazis found out about their hideout, they attacked, …show more content…

But he still is considered a lesser person, because of a simple red hat he is forced to wear, and he losses the court, because he is a Jew. He losses all his money, and even his religion, since he is different.
To Kill A Mockingbird. An amazing book, with a ton of amazing lessons that are taught in the book. This one takes place in Maycomb, Alabama during the Great Depression. In this time, the Jim Crow laws were still in effect, and because of it, even an American citizen would be treated differently, because of a skin color.
Atticus Finch, a lawyer in the story, is on the case about an African American, Tom Robinson, who was reported as attacking a white woman. At the courthouse, the two sides were going at it. The Ewell’s were saying that he had beat her, and choked her. But when it came down to it, it turns out that Tom couldn’t use one of his arms, and therefore, couldn’t have choked her, all the way around the neck. And that her right eye was black. But one of his arms were not functioning. She was claimed that “Before I knew it he was on me. Just run up behind me, he did. Got me round the neck, cussin’ me an’ sayin’ dirt. I fought ‘n’ hollered, but he had me round the neck. He hit me agin an’ agin.” (180) It had been proven that Mr. Ewell had been a drinker, and he was left handed, and Tom’s left arm didn’t

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