The Big Game: The Story Of Jacob

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Once upon a time, there was an athletic boy, and his name was Jacob. Jacob was the starting basketball guard for all games, he was very elite at the things he did on the court as well as off the court. Aside from the fact that Jacob was a gifted athlete, he was also very smart in the classroom setting. It was very hard to demoralize Jacobs’s spirits, however it was very easy to get Jacob angry real quick. This is a story about a high school boy named Jacob. Everyday Jacob wakes up and starts the day off brushing his teeth and getting ready for the like a normal teenager would do. He replenishes his body by eating a nice and nutritious breakfast. On any other day Jacob would drive to school in his car, but today was a very different day. Jacobs’s team has their final game today and this game is crucial, this determines whether or not they will go to the playoffs or not, so Jacob leaves home a little early to get some practice in for the big game today, but leaves inconspicuously so his parents won’t question his judgment. …show more content…

As Jacob goes in for a layup on his friend he lands on his friend’s foot and rolled his ankle, on the day of the game. Jacob falls to the floor and screams in agony. His friend disperses the gym, seeming as a coward for leaving his friend. Jacob lies there on the cold hard gym floor crying gazing into the future, thinking about the game and the rest of his basketball career. His friend has retrieved Jacobs’s coach who has some very bad news for

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