Arthur Epstein's Abuse Of The Girls Team

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Arthur Epstein is the girls’ basketball coach. He has repeatedly exhibited problematic behavior. For example, Epstein will touch all of us during practices. Instead of telling us where to go during drills, he will grab us roughly by our arms and move us around, never asking if we are comfortable with this acute form of contact manipulation. To be fair, he does the same thing to the boys’ team; however, that does not make it any more appropriate. Also, it’s been clear that the boys experience this abuse on a lesser extent, only their arms being grabbed, less frequently at that, and that being the farthest he will go with such conduct. The girls team, on the contrary, have to deal with much worse treatment. Additionally, the boys’ basketball instruction is more informative. It is evident that Epstein does not expect the girls team to do well, because he thinks that we, as girls, cannot do well. Contrastingly, with the boys, their practices are …show more content…

Another team member– Coira Raymond– never came back after her first practice on that day. To her and many others, the ACE credit is not worth it. Further, Epstein needs to consider that not everyone responds well to consistent negative criticism, in particular because this criticism is non-constructive. In addition, last year he often made remarks about another team member for being shy, therefore only making her feel more outcast. He calls out this girl especially because he feels that she is a better player than the rest. She is noticeably fit, and seems to be more experienced in the sport. On the other hand, he singles out others for not fitting that criteria. In one drill, he had two team members– Coira Raymond and a fellow teammate– not participate. He made the appearance of having them stand by because of their weight, obviously a very uncomfortable request for the two girls to deal with at the

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