Book Report On A Long Way Home By Ishmael Beah

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Gianna Scoleri
Mr. Aronsen
Geography 10H
Thematic Essay Summer Assignment War is terrible. War recounted through a child's eyes is horrific. However, A Long Way Home: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier written by Ishmael Beah allows the reader to witness hope amidst the devastating losses of war. It serves to remind us of the resiliency of humanity and the ability to begin again. The book quickly takes the reader into the civil war torn country of Sierra Leone on the African coast. As the narrator and main character, 12 year old, Ishmael Beah is planning to attend a talent contest with his novice rap group (his older brother Junior and his two friends, Talloli and Mohamed) in the nearby town of Mattru Jong; their hometown of Mogbwemo is invaded by rebel forces. Immediately, the loss of innocence and horror is evident as the boys try to make …show more content…

However, the gruesome effects of being a soldier in a war still distort Ishmael’s reality. He feels the urge to be violent and his withdrawal from drugs compounded by awful migraine headaches hinders his rehabilitation. The kind staffs at the rehabilitation center, particularly Ester repeatedly tell Ishmael and the other boys “None of what happened was your fault. You were just a little boy, and anytime you want to tell me anything” (Quote from Ester A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier by Ishmael Beah. Page 160). They always counter Ishmael’s awful behavior with kindness and forgiveness. Finally, we Scoleri Page 6 observe Ishmael’s deprogramming as he continues treatment. It is Ester who nurses his ability to trust again and he finally opens up to her about the horror of having a bullet removed from his leg with no anesthesia. Esters sadness angers Ishmael initially but he eventually begins to believe her that he is not to blame the atrocities he committed as child

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