Negative Effects Of Social Media On Athletes

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Is Social Media Good or Bad for Athletes?
Social media has caused many problems for athletes. It can cause athletes to lose scholarships and contracts from posting horrific things like illegal drug use, domestic abuse, profanity towards other people, and underage drinking. It is a major problem that people have posting inappropriate things. There are many consequences that could happen with this behavior. Reputations and the rest of your life can be determined from what you post. Kids in High School can not get recruited anymore because of the making bad choices of social media. You never know who is watching you, be careful, in just a few seconds, your future career can be over.

There are many stories that have happened that led to athletes getting punished because of social media. Once, there was a boy who was stripped of the player of the year award in basketball after being caught posting swears to the other team. Social media is a trap for athletes. There are consequences for your actions, but one major one, can ruin your reputation and ruin your life. For college recruitment, many colleges had to stop looking at the top kids in the country because of posting illegal drugs being used. They knew if he came to the college, he would get suspended …show more content…

A MLB player was suspended a whole year, and put into jail for 2 months because he was using illegal drugs banned in the US. A NFL superstar was suspended for a week after doing a live video on Instagram showing his own players in the locker room after the game. He was suspended by his team for showing videos of his own players changing after a game. It was inappropriate video of his teammates, and it was not right. Aldon Smith got suspended from posting a video of him with drugs and using

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