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I read Through my eyes by Tim Tebow. Tim Tebow wrote this book about his early ages in life and his college football career. Throughout the book he showed us and explained to us how with god you can do anything. In Tim’s early ages he was very competitive with his brothers, even though his brothers were far older than him, and competing with them day in and day out that’s what I made him feel so good once he got into high school and college. During Timothy’s mother's pregnancy with him, it wasn’t very good. The doctor said he might not survive, and she might not either. But because of his mother trust in God, she went on to have him and showed great trust in the lord, and they both came out alive. Tim’s family lived on a farm, and when the kids were t working with dad they were playing baseball, basketball and football in the yard. Timothy was very into sports from a very young age, because he wanted to be just like his older brothers who were …show more content…

Once the draft came around, he got invited to attend it, but he decided to stay home and watch with his parents. He knew if he would get drafted it would be late in the first round by the broncos, but with the broncos pick, they picked a wide receiver. Just as the round was about to end, Tim got a call with the area code (303). It was the Denver Broncos head coach Josh Mcdaniel’s, he said to him “we traded up to get you”. Tim was so happy because he knew he was going to the NFL. Tim’s first ever NFL game was against the Jaguars, and it was a loss. Tim Tebow was a backup quarterback to Kyle Orton, although he did get some playing time every game. After thirteen weeks the Denver Broncos were 3-9, and that isn’t very good. In week fifteen, he started his first ever NFL football game against the Oakland Raiders, they did end up losing that game and their record was

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