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Ty Lewis ' life is not a simple one. His parents died in a car accident and his older brother, who he idolizes and tries to take after, is away finishing college. For the time being, ty must live with his aunt and uncle in not exactly ideal living conditions. He has a porta potty in the yard for a bathroom, and he scrubs toilets and bathroom floors for his Uncle Gus ' cleaning business. Things should get better as his brother Thane Tiger Lewis is about to be drafted into the NFL and come into some serious money. When his uncle 's associate, a local mob boss, asks Ty to get some inside information from Thane for sports gambling purpose, the future of the two brothers may be in serious trouble . in this book some of ty’s interests are football. ty loves football and wants to go pro just like his brother thane who is about to get drafted to the nfl. ty idolised thane and when thane asked ty to go to the nfl draft with him ty 's face blew up in excitement. Gus tells ty, ”your brother want to spend a little quality time with you, and take you to the nfl draft”(p.52). Lastly the fact that his brother asked him to go to the nfl draft with him shows how important football is to Ty. Ty is very loyal to his …show more content…

One is seeing and being like his brother, Thane, and two get the chance to play on his middle school football team. Ty is fast and can catch. Coach V has great plans for Ty for the upcoming season. But his Uncle Gus does everything he can to keep Ty from playing football and away from his brother. Ty’s dream is to be just like his brother but how could he be like his brother if he can never see him? Uncle gus is a real jerk to ty, he made ty quit his passion of football and even playing for the middle school team. Uncle gus makes ty work at his cleaning business. Instead of ty fulfilling his dreams he is stuck cleaning houses. Maybe someday his dreams can come

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