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Biography: C.S. Lewis C.S. Lewis was born on November 29, 1898 in Belfast, Ireland, to the parents of Flora August Hamilton Lewis and Albert J. Lewis. His mother died when he was 10 years of age. Later he died on November 22,1963, in Headington, Oxford. C.S. only has one brother, Warren Lewis, whom he was very close to. As a child he was “enraptured by fantastic animals and tales of gallantry, hence the brothers created the imagery land of Boxen, complete with an intricate history that served them for years” (Biography.com). C.S. Lewis attended many schools, in 1916 he was granted a scholarship to study at University College, in 1913 he was admitted to Malvern College, but soon dropped out for having a hard time mingling with other students. …show more content…

Literary Criticism “A delicious book, full of wisdom and savor”(Commonweal qtd. In Lewis Cover). “This book has real splendor, compelling moments, and a flowing narrative”(The New York Times qtd. In Lewis Cover). “If wit and wisdom; style and scholarship and requisites to passage through the pearly gates, Mr. Lewis will be among the angles” (The New Yorker qtd. In Lewis Cover). “Lewis, perhaps more than any other twentieth-century writer, forced those who listened to him and read his works to come to terms with their own philosophical presuppositions” (Los Angeles Times qtd. In Lewis Cover). Do you know the difference between the good, the bad, and the ugly? Out of The Silent Planet is allegorical because it has characters that show God the Father, Jesus Christ, and shows the difference between good and evil. God the Father is the good. He is also considered the Old One and Oyarsa the being that always was and is. It is said in Out of The Silent Planet, that the Old One and Oyarsa do not have a physical body. That he is really there and people believe he is there, just no physical features. “Oyarsa… New everything and ruled everyone; had always been there….” (Lewis 69). Ransom says that he is afraid of Oyarsa. Ransom’s reasons are that because he cannot see Oyarsa, and that they are not alike. Just because Ransom cannot see him. “But do not think we are utterly unlike. We are both copies of Maleldil” (Lewis 119). “You being to be afraid of me before you set foot in my world” (Lewis

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