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BY CORINTHIA RIVERA "Judged not by their color but by their skin but by their character." -Dr. Martin Luther King. Ray Lewis Ouote "It has nothing to do with talent and everything to do with effort! Wins and losses come a dime by a dozen, but effort. Nobody can judge that because effort is between you and you." Do you know the man who is the best linebacker in the world? Synopsis Ray Lewis was born in Bartow, Florida, in 1975. The oldest of five children, Lewis became a football star at Kathleen High School and was recruited to play at the University of Miami. In 1996, Lewis was a first-round pick of the Baltimore Ravens. He led the team to a Super Bowl victory in 2000 and was named Defensive Player of the Year that same season. …show more content…

Lewis' early childhood years weren't always stable. His mother, Sunseria, was just 16 at the time of his birth and his father, Elbert Ray Jackson, was largely absent during his son's childhood. As a boy, and the eventual older brother to four younger siblings, Lewis quickly became the man of the house. He helped his sisters with their hair and made sure his younger brother arrived at daycare on time. Disgusted with his father's lack of contact, Lewis abandoned the name Ray Jenkins and took the name of her mother's boyfriend, Ray Lewis, when he entered Kathleen High School. At Kathleen, Lewis was a standout wrestler and football player, who overcame his smaller size at the linebacker position with a fierce intensity and unmatched instincts. During his four years at the school, he led his squads to a bevy of state and city titles in football and …show more content…

The 13-time Pro Bowler had a storied career; he was the centerpiece of some of the best defenses in NFL history, and among his many accolades, he won two Defensive Player of the Year awards and two Super Bowl rings. But no matter how incredible his accomplishments on the field were, Lewis will always be followed by his arrest for murder in 2000 (charges were dropped). Lewis opened up to S.L. Price about his Christian faith in this story, which originally appeared on November 13, 2006, but tho he appeared that he was a horrible person the case was wrong but ray kept his respect to others opinion he could have just got mad and gave up but he

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