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In the 1980’s, the Chicago Bears were among one of the most elite teams in the NFL, but it wasn’t until 1985 that the team left their mark on the league winning the most treasured title of any NFL team, Superbowl Champions. But it is a long and treacherous road to glory, but also one that is beneficial in the most righteous ways to anyway who has the heart and competence to travel such a path. The Bears possessed the unique qualities of an admirable team, a great defense, a diligent offense, and a driven coach. This lethal combination dominated the league in the 80’s and achieved the ultimate greatness in 1985.
For the Bear’s success to happen key players needed to be added to the team. The first addition was Walter Payton, who was drafted …show more content…

The second addition was Dan Hampton a ferocious defensive tackle that earned himself the nickname “Danimal”. Dan Hampton was the Bears first round pick out of Arkansas. In the Superbowl of 85’, Hampton only got six sacks due to double coverage, but this freed up teammate Richard Dent to excel as a pass rusher. Dan Hampton retired 1990, Hampton’s retirement came about through injuries in his twelve year career he had ten knee surgery. Dan Hampton was inducted to the hall of fame in 2002(Dan Hampton). The third addition was Mike Singletary an intense player from Baylor drafted in 1981. Mike Singletary a linebacker was a second round draft pick. Singletary was a constant threat on defense and became the NFL defensive player of the year in 1985 and 1988. Mike Singletary retired in 1993 with 1,488 career tackles(Mike Singletary). The fourth addition, more of an reinstatement, was Mike Ditka, not as a player but a driven head coach. Mike Ditka was drafted as …show more content…

That season the Bears had the number one defense and the number two offense. The Bears also had the best record that year.
The Patriots, like the Bears, had a good season going 11-5, beating three of the five teams the lost to in the postseason the other two teams were the cleveland Browns, and obviously the Bears. The Patriots were led by linebacker Andre Tippett, who was drafted in 1982 out of Ellsworth Junior College. In 1985 Tippett recorded a tremendous 16.5 sacks second only to Richard Dent. During the 86’ season Tippett was set on track to get seventeen sacks but in the ninth game injured his knee, then missed five games. Although an injury filled season
Tippett still managed to get voted into the Pro-Bowl. In the 1985 offseason the Patriots won their first offseason game by 12 points, then narrowly won their next by one touchdown. Their Conference Championship with a blowout, with a seventeen point difference.
The Super Bowl took place in New Orleans and started out in favor the Patriots who were participating their first Super Bowl and were the first team in history to make the Super Bowl from a wildcard spot. The Patriots caught an early chance to establish a demanding lead after Walter Payton fumbled, but the Chicago defense stopped the Patriots from scoring an easy, and settled for field goal, making the score 3-0 Patriots. These

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