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Joe Montana is one of the most influential quarterbacks of the late twentieth century. Joe Montana, or Joe Cool as some called him, won four superbowl rings. He received the nickname for always being calm under pressure. He was the king of fourth quarter comebacks, leading over thirty game winning drives in his career, including a famous one in the superbowl of 1989. On that drive, he spotted the actor John Candy in the stands and decided to point it out in the huddle, right before leading his team 92 yards and throwing the game winner with thirty four seconds left in the game. Most quarterbacks, at any level, would have been nervous, but what Montana did, in the biggest game of the year, really shows how he earned the nickname Joe Cool.
Joe Montana had great stats for an NFL quarterback. He may not have the best stats of all time compared to today 's players, but when he was done playing they were some of the best ever. In just 10 seasons of twelve games or more, he threw for over 40,500 passing yards, including passing for 300 yards in a single game thirty nine times, six of those times in the postseason. That was an NFL record when he retired, as was his passing for 300+ yards in five consecutive games. He led the NFC in passing five times and …show more content…

Jim Kelly, Warren Moon, and Joe Montana are the three most influential quarterbacks of the last twenty five years of the twentieth century. Kelly’s contributions to modern offenses are incredible, but nothing is more impressive than what he has done off the field with his charities. Moon has helped bring about the age where there is no discrimination against the black quarterback, and Montana helped usher in one of the most successful offensive schemes of all time in the west coast offense, which is still used by many teams today. Many other quarterbacks of this time period were very influential, including players like John Elway, Dan Marino, and Dan Fouts, but Moon, Montana and especially Kelly were the most

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