Informative Essay On Aaron Packers

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Let me tell you about a guy named Aaron Rodgers. He can throw a football so fast that it started a fire in the field. He also can run 200 miles per hour with the football and plough 15 people over at a time. One time in a game he threw a football so hard that it blew everyone out of the stadium. He can run the whole football field in less than 2 seconds. When he hurdles over a guy he can jump 100 feet in the air. When he scrambles the player on the other team tries to tackle him at the 50-yard line when Aaron Rodgers is already in the end zone.

The problem is that Aaron Rodgers is only 1’1 and he is 100 years old. Him and his team the Packers are playing the Cleveland Browns and they are 15-0 in the regular season and have one more game to play. They have 5 guys on their team that weigh 4,473 pounds and that are more than 10 ft tall. So every time Aaron Rodgers throws the ball he gets blocked or sacked because of that. Also When Mason Crosby kicks a field goal it's blocked every time. Now it is the fourth quarter and the packers are trailing by 40 points. …show more content…

They end up throwing so many touchdowns against the Browns and the score ends up being 45-40 with a packers win and they made it to the super bowl. Then later that week they had to play the Dallas Cowboys to win the super bowl. It was the super bowl and it was the Cowboys ball and they ran it and a guy got smoked and flew all the way into the crowd and was out for the rest of the game. Since the guy that got injured was out and their best player the Cowboys then had no chance against the packer. So they ended up losing with the score 1000000-0. That’s the story of how Aaron Rodgers and his team won the super

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