Lambeau Field Research Paper

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Alec Michaud
Mr. Bergmann
Sophomore Honors English II P6
10 October 2016
Lambeau Field, a Mark on History The ground below is rattling to the thunderous beat of rambunctious spectators with the anticipation of the battle that is set to be fought on this very field! The senseless chaos ceases as a loud roar erupts from the stands as the Green Bay Packers emerge from the tunnel. “With 13 super bowl rings and 53 postseason appearances it’s easy to say that Green Bay is one of the most dominant teams in the NFL” (Packers team Records). The iconic team has many notable attributes that set them apart, but one of the most recognizable is there historic stadium, Lambeau Field. Lambeau’s historical contributions to the NFL are ones that will never …show more content…

A new upper concourse was added with ramps, elevators, and more restrooms. In addition, nearly 12,000 seats were added along the top of the stadium. This includes club seats and luxury suites. Also an atrium, known as “Titletown”, was built. This area includes a Packers Hall of Fame, a team store, a restaurant, and several offices and meeting rooms were also constructed (Lambeau Field). Along with these renovations, the construction of a “Titletown district” surrounding Lambeau, will add shops, restaurants, team stores, and a tailgating spot for fans and tourists. The district is supposed to boost gameday profits and provide a fun atmosphere for fans. This will significantly add to the ultimate gameday experience. However, this is still only one of the numerous renovations that Lambeau is undergoing to improve the fan's experience and the quality of the stadium …show more content…

One of them being a new atrium located inside the front gate that allows fans to be inside and cut off from the harsh elements of the Green Bay weather. This atrium as I mentioned earlier is known as Titletown. Within Titletown, there is a Packers Hall of Fame, a high end restaurant, and a team super store. Within the Hall of Fame, many of the team’s most revered players and records are honored. Players such as Brett Favre who holds the record for the most games played as a Packer, 255 games, Don Hutson who holds the record for most career touchdowns as a Packer, 105 touchdowns through 11 seasons, and Mason Crosby who holds the record for most points in a career without a single touchdown, 1,145 points (Packers Team Records). These are just a few of the all time greats that played on Lambeau Field. Other than the team Hall of Fame, more than 12,000 seats were added to the top of the stadium as well as many new luxury suites. With all the extra seating and new accommodations, the Packers are projected to have an economic effect of $13.5 million a game(Walker)! This economic boost will benefit the team and the community as a whole. These renovations have caused a massive boost in revenue and continue to create new opportunities for fans and players. These renovations provide no reason for a new stadium to be constructed in the first

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