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The Cleveland Browns are of to a devastating 0-4 start, but it's how we have lossed these games. Duke Johnson said it best after the loss to the Washington Redskins, "That's what's most upsetting: We're knocking on the door...We're just not finishing." Now, I'm not going to say that the Browns should have won those games, but they very easily could have a 3-1 record right now. It started with the home opener against the Baltimore Ravens. Everything went in Cleveland's favor for pretty much the entire first quarter. On their first possession, the Browns orchestrated an excellent drive that resulted in a touchdown. After forcing a punt, it took just one play to reach the end zone as Isaiah Crowell broke out for an 85 yard rush. The momentum …show more content…

We shoot oursleves in the foot time and time again. It happened in the Redskins game too. After quickly falling behind by two touchdowns, Cleveland turned things around to tie the game and even take the lead. While securing a three point lead in the second half, the errors started occurring. Malcolm Johnson fumbled, killing a beautiful drive that probably would have resulted in a Cleveland touchdown. On the next two drives, Duke Johnson coughed up the ball and Cody Kessler was picked off by the defense. Ultimately, the team is digging it's own grave. Cleveland just needs to get back to the basics and develope good tendencies. Practicing good sportsmanship should be simple enough. Terrelle Pryor has been flagged twice for this offense, although one is debatable, it's the one that cost us the Ravens game. Discipline is important and should be emphasized because penalties are killing this team. The Browns are the seventh most penalized offense and the defense is 14th. Timely flags have killed offensive drives, but kept them going on the other side of the ball too. If Cleveland just plays solid, clean football, then I believe they could have won those games and down the road as

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