Why Is Tim Tebow Important To You Essay

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“When the world says give up hope whispers try it one more time.” Tim Tebow Sometimes in life things happen that you have no control over, and can cause a roadblock in life that you just can 't get over. That is what happened to me. One day I goggled inspiration quotes and that one came up. I didn’t know who Tim Tebow was or what he did so I researched him. I read every article posted about him and his football career or every article about his charity work. I want to meet Tim Tebow because of his uplifting spirit and his true love of God.
If there every was a day I met Tim Tebow I would want to meet him at Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Company. They are located in Chicago and I only eat there once a year because it is the first place my grandmother and I ate after her doctor appointment …show more content…

Sometimes it makes me mad when people at the end of getting an award say I want to thank God. What God are we talking about here? Are they just saying that? I have never heard them sing about God, talk about God, or speak about their love for God? I never have to question that with Tim Tebow. He is as true as they come. He started life in an incubator with a mom struggling to survive and everyone praying for him to live and he did. Now that everyone knows his name he still continues to live the way that God would want him to live. Tim Tebow was playing baseball when he got hit by a pitch all of a sudden he started approaching the mound. In baseball if someone approaches the mound it is becasue they want to fight. Tim Tebow wanted to forgive the pitcher for hitting him. Tim Tebow said “The Bible teaches that if your brother has something against you, drop everything and go restore the relationship. I needed to reach out to Chandler right away and forgive him for drilling me in the rib cage with that fastball.” That is the kind of Godly man he is. Even when playing a sport he is thinking about God and other before

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