Nfl Running Back Research Paper

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5 minutes before kickoff, the high powered lights beaming down on the turf, and everyone in the whole entire stadium could feel the tensions rising between the two teams. Everyone in the country waiting to see what kind of show the two top rated running backs had in store for them in this years super bowl. All of the best running backs in the NFL share very similar qualities. Every superior running back knows how to use their talent to make the most out of it and make a ton of big plays. First and foremost, all great NFL running backs need to be fast in order to be top rated in the National Football League. One of the fastest running backs in the league right now has to be Lamar Miller. At 5’10” and 225 pounds, he still managed to run a 4.40 40 time at the NFL combine. Lamar Miller uses his …show more content…

Probably the best RB at doing this right now is Le’Veon Bell of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Over the course of his 4 year NFL career, he has over 2000 yards receiving. That is extremely impressive for a running back because even some receivers don’t get as many receptions as Le’Veon, and he is a major threat on the ground as well. Next, Theo Riddick of the Detroit Lions really emerged this year with his receiving yards and touchdowns from the running back position. He is known to make defenders miss out of the backfield and would have had a way better season if he didn't go down with a season ending injury. Lastly, Dion Lewis from the New England Patriots is arguably the best receiving running back in the league. Every time he has played in a game this season the Patriots have won, so that just proves he is a difference maker. Although he doesn't get the bulk of the playing time at RB for the Pats, he does make the most of it when he is in. So all in all, a running back's ability to catch the ball out of the backfield really separates them from the

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