How Does Jerry Rice Impact His Community?

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Introduction and Conclusion
Every little boy dreams of being a football star. Unfortunately, the chances of getting into the (National Football League)NFL are only about two percent. One person who beat these odds is Jerry Rice. Jerry Rice is one of the best NFL players.1)First we will talk about Jerry Rice’s background, where he came from and so forth, 2)then we will talk about his accomplishments, 3)and lastly we will talk about how he has impacted his community.

Point 1
Jerry Rice was a professional american football player who was born on the 13th day in the month of October in the year of our Lord, 1962 in a city called Starkville located in the state of Mississippi in the United States of America. His parents were Joe and Eddie B.. …show more content…

Jerry teamed up with the seasoned quarterback Joe Montana, and reeled in 86 catches, which included a whooping 15 touchdowns, and 1,570 receiving yards, something special for someone so young in their career.
The next season, in 1987, Jerry found himself performing even better than before!! He was awarded the prestigious honor of Player of the Year and also set a new record in the league with 23 total touchdowns. In the following season, in 1988, he helped lead the San Francisco 49ers to a Super Bowl. During that exciting game he caught 11 passes and at the end was awarded the game's Most Valuable Player (MVP).
When Rice retired in 2004 he retired with 3 super bowl rings, 38 NFL records, including most career receptions and receiving yards as well as total touchdowns . Jerry was also named an elite member of the NFL's All-Decade Teams in the 80s and 90s as well as the NFL’s 75th Anniversary Team. And now i’ll talk about his influence on his community.
Point 3
During Rice’s time on the San Francisco 49’s squad, the running game was still dominate. However, the 49ers of the '90s, with Jerry’s assistance, were instrumental in changing that game plan, something they would be known for, for years to

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