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Bo Jackson was one of the greatest and mysterious athletes in all of sports. He was a multiple sport athlete playing professional baseball and football. Bo exceeded highly in both sports impressing millions of people all over the world. Bo Jackson shocked people starting at a young age by doing impossible things like dunking when he was in eighth grade and being able to do a backflip in knee high water. Due to his capability of deeds of great strength and courage, Bo being a great warrior and his humility Bo Jackson is an epic hero come to life. Bo Jackson had the capability of doing deeds of great strength and courage. He performed many great deeds while he was playing sports. Bo Jackson was known for being the most athletic people to ever play a sport. He did things that no one has ever done before. He was recorded at the NFL combine running a 4.12 second forty yard dash. No one has come close to that fast of a forty time since. He had incredible speed and strength and he did not lift the traditional way using a weight set. He would go out and do physical labor and that would be his workout for the day. Bo was not a god …show more content…

He had always played multiple sports and wanted to compete with anyone who wanted to challenge him. Bo was a fantastic football player getting recognition from his neighbors when the head coach of The University of Alabama called him and “The neighbors would come over just to see the phone he talked to the coach on” (ESPN). Bo also got house visits by division one NCAA schools unannounced. He would walk in after practice sometimes and there would be one or two coaches with his mom waiting for Bo. Bo became well known for being a double athlete in college when he was not allowed to finish his senior year baseball season due to an illegal visit with an NFL team. Bo was a well established super athlete before he went into the professional leagues while still keeping his

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