Walter Payton (AKA Sweetness)

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Walter Payton (AKA- Sweetness) Walter Payton, he was one of the best don’t you agree? Oh, you don’t know who he is… that’s a bummer. Just sit back and listen to my teaching of the one and only Walter Payton. In this I’ll be telling you about Walter Payton’s early life, collage years and his beginning career as a Chicago Bear, and in the last paragraph you will learn how he passed away. Walter Payton was Born on July 25, 1954, in Columbia, Mississippi. Walter Jerry Payton was one of three children, two boys and one girl. The children’s parents were Peter and Alyne Payton. His siblings were Eddie Payton and Pam Payton. Payton’s younger years he was never a competitive athlete, he mostly stood in the shadow of his older brother, Eddie, and refused …show more content…

During his junior year at Jackson state he ranked as one of the highest scoring collegiate football players nationwide, as well as scoring 160 points a season. Towards the end of his senior year he got a new NCCA record with a career total of 464 points. Walter Jerry Payton graduated with a bachelor’s degree in communications at the age of 20. He enrolled in graduate level courses to prepare for a career in the education for the deaf. Walter Payton was a serious student and believed in prevailing the stereotype of athletes having a low intelligence. Walter Paton was noticed by many collages for his skills in high school and earning a spot on the all state football team. Then he ended up in the …show more content…

A public memorial was televised at soldier field on November 6th. After his death, many people talked about how he was a generous person for the business he ran and what a nice person he was off the field and on the field, People said he truly showed you what is was to play football by making his fellow players earn the tackle. He faced them head on to make them earnt the tackle. Because he did this he earned respect from others and was known as one of the

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