Why Is Jerry Rice Important

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Jerry Rice, One of Football’s Greatest
There are only a select few people that are able to say they have the honor to be in the National Football League (NFL) Hall of Fame. Jerry Rice made a name for himself when he played wide receiver for the San Francisco 49ers. It didn’t take long for people to decide that he was going to become a valuable player. During his career in the NFL, Jerry Rice set multiple records and helped to lead his team to the Super Bowl. It could be argued that Jerry Rice is the best receiver that has ever played in the NFL.
In 1962, Jerry Rice was born in Crawford, MS (Kram 3). He had was one of eight children. There were five brothers and 2 sisters. His father was a bricklayer (Bio 3). Jerry grew up helping his …show more content…

He helped lead the San Francisco 49ers to three Superbowls 1988, 1989, and 1995. Jerry Rice also played in twelve pro bowls from 1987-1997, 1999 and 2003 (Kram 2). He set thirty-eight records during his career in the NFL. Most of which were from his great ability to always catch the ball. Jerry Rice also had other accomplishments. He had over 19,000 yards receiving, the most career receptions with 1,549 catches, and the most touchdowns 197 (Bio 11). After a long career with the San Francisco 49ers, Jerry Rice was traded to the Oakland Raiders and the Seattle Seahawks before he retired (Jerry 27).
In August of 2006 Jerry Rice retired from the NFL (Jerry 28). Jerry was a celebrity during his football career and continued to be one after retirement. He was featured on commercials and TV shows such as Gatorade, Visa, Law and Order, and Rules of Engagement (St-James 4). Jerry Rice also founded the 127 foundation to raise funds for the United Negro College(St-James 5). A year after he retired, he was inducted into the College Hall of Fame. Five years later, he was inducted into the National Football League Hall of Fame (St-James

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