Baseball Biography: Jackie Robinson

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Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson was the first African-American baseball player to participate in Major League Baseball in the United States. He played professionally for the Brooklyn Dodgers and broke down the color barrier in baseball. Major League Baseball commemorates Jackie Robinson every year on April 15, Jackie Robinson Day.

==Youth and Education==

Jack Roosevelt Robinson was born in Cairo, Georgia on January 31, 1919, to a sharecropping family. Jerry Robinson and Mallie McGriff bore four children before him, including Edgar, Matthew, Frank, and Willa Mae. In 1920, Jerry Robinson left the family and they moved to Pasadena, California.

Robinson’s mother worked odd jobs, but the family remained extremely poor, and Jackie briefly
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Jackie Robinson continued to pursue sports at Pasadena Junior College. He played on the All-Southland Junior College Baseball Team as their Most Valuable Player in 1938. On January 25, 1938, police arrested Robinson when he protested the unnecessary detention of one of his African-American friends. After his brother Frank died, he transferred to the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) to be near Frank’s family.Rampersad,…show more content…
He played shortstop in 47 games, with five home runs and 13 bases stolen. He also participated in the Negro League All-Star Game in 1945.Rampersad, 1997 On Ausut 28, 1945, Branch Rickey offered Robinson a spot on the Montreal Royals if Robinson had “guts enough not to fight back” against the inevitable racial tension that would follow. The following year, Robinson joined the Montreal Royals for spring training on Daytona Beach, Florida. The Royals faced issues trying to play with Robinson on the team and it was not until March 17, 1946, that the Royals secured a game for him to make his debut. On April 18, 1946, Robinson joined the Royals for the season opener against the Jersey City Giants and succeeded in making four hits, four runs, three drives, and two bases stolen. Jackie Robinson’s stats in the International League were a .985 fielding percentage and .349 batting average and he was voted the Most Valuable Player in the league.Robinson & Duckett, 2003

===The Major
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