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Jackie Robinson was the first African-American baseball player to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Jackie Robinson was the youngest of five children. He was raised by his mom who was a single parent. Even growing up Jackie was always the best on the court, the team, or in the school yard. Jackie Robinson was born in Cairo, Georgia he was the first African-American to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.
Jackie Robinson was born in Cairo, Georgia on January 31, 1919. His parents names are Jerry and Mallie Robinson. He has four brothers: Willie Mae, Matthew, Frank, and Edgar. Although slavery had been abolished in the U.S. more than fifty years earlier, Jim Crow laws made black people second-class citizens who did not enjoy the freedoms and opportunities white Americans had. Jackie Robinson’s grandparents had been slaves. His parents, Jerry and Mallie Robinson were sharecroppers, in a system that Jackie later called “ a newer, more sophisticated kind of slavery than the kind Mr. Lincoln struck down.” (Teitelbaum pg3) To earn money, Jackie cut lawns, had a paper route, and did errands for people …show more content…

In 1937 Jackie entered Pasadena Junior College (PJC). Here again he not only played but also excelled in four sports; football, basketball, baseball, and track. PJC was only a two year college when his time came in 1939 many colleges offered him scholarships. Jackie chose UCLA. Jackie started his professional career in football. In 1941, he played briefly with the Honolulu Bears and the Los Angeles Bulldogs. On December 7, 1941 Japanese bombers targeted the U.S. Naval base, in Pearl Harbor forcing the Americans into World War II. Robinson was drafted in 1942. In 1945, Jackie Robinson signed on with the Kansas City Monarchs baseball team. Part of the Negro American League. “Months later later he moved to the Montreal Royals, an international league “farming” team for the Brooklyn

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