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I A. Walter Camp is know as the father of football (Miller 4). The idea of football came from rugby and soccer (Buckley 6). Walter changed the rules of rugby and soccer so they would be fit for football (Miller 4). Walter wanted to have 11 players from each team on the field at one time instead of 15 players (Madden 7). He invented the line of scrimmage, and and that only one team had possession of the ball at a time (MIller 4). Football started as a game played on college campuses without pads and was very violent (Buckley 6). Walter changed the rules so the team who had possession would have three downs to gain five yards to keep possession of the ball (Madden 7).

I B. Football has changed through the years in many ways. The linemen have …show more content…

Earl Campbell was born March 29, 1955 in Tyler, Texas and went to Tyler High school then the University of Texas (Lundgren 15). He was the first pick in the NFl draft (Giglio ). In his rookie year for the Houston oilers he ran for 1,450 yards (Sullivan, Power 22). Campbell was in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the College Hall of Fame (Giglio ). Earl played for the Oilers and the Saints, he was 593 yards short of 10,000 rushing yards in his carrier (Sullivan, Power 24).

III C. Jerry rice was born october 13, 1962 and played 20 seasons in the NFL (“Jerry Rice”). In Super Bowl XXIII he caught 11 passes for 215 yards (Miller 72). He played for the San Francisco and the Oakland Raiders. Jerry Rice to the Pro-Bowl 13 times and was named the All-Pro 12 times, and in 20 seasons he won three Super Bowl rings. He was an all time leader in major categories for receivers, including receptions, touchdowns, and receiving yards (“Jerry …show more content…

The equipment in football has improved from what it use to be. Players in college need to have a jersey with numbers, knee pads, helmet, mouthpiece, shoulder pads, socks, and shoes. In the NFL players need to have a jersey with numbers, pants, helmet, socks, shoes, and shoulder pads (Miller ). When football was first being played players used to wear little or no head and face protection (Buckley 24). There are many types of helmets, air pump, liquid, and padded helmets. The air pump could be pumped to fit the player’s head, liquid and padded helmets could not adjust to a player’s head and the most comfortable helmet is a padded one (Miller). Caged face masks are used today and protect jaws, noses, and faces of players (Buckley 25). Shoulder pads are used to protect a player’s upper body, quarterbacks, ball carriers, and linebackers have smaller shoulder pads so their movement is not restricted

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