The Patriot Movie Analysis

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The Patriot
Sadness, hope, war and freedom

The movie’s name is “The Patriot”. Mel Gibson plays the role of Benjamin Martin who is an American farmer in the 1800th century. Benjamin has the lead role in this movie. There are a lot of characters in the movie such as his son Gabriel (Heath Ledger) and his six other siblings. You will also see a lot of Charlotte who is sister to Benjamin’s wife who died. You will see a lot of the British soldiers and the evil Lt. William Tavington. The director is Roland Emmerich and this film was filmed in Germany and the United States. The movie “The Patriot” came out on cinema in Sweden the 28th of july in 2000. In this movie the genres are drama, action and history.

The movie The Patriot is about the American Civil War of Liberation that occurred in the 1770s. In this film, you will see Americans who is fighting against the British military for freedom.
Benjamin Martin once proved a great heroism during the war against the French and Indians. Then he retired, bought a farm and married a woman with whom he formed a large family. When his beloved wife died, he only wanted to live in peace, nursing the children and managing the flower plantation, which is why he definitely refuses to return to war again when the conflict with the British increases in 1776.

Benjamin’s two eldest sons, Gabriel and Thomas, can 't wait to enlist in the newly formed "Continental Army". When South Carolina decides to join the rebellion against England, Gabriel

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