Saving Private Ryan Cultural Analysis

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Migrations from different countries led The United States of America to become a melting pot, a pot which contains a variety of people and their cultures all around the globe. Therefore, their cultural development process in terms of art and politics affected the world and us itself. Throughout the history of The United States of American, there were many movies, singers and political events that represented their culture to the world. But in this very paper, in terms of representing the U.S. with its culture, I will point out the significances of the movie Saving Private Ryan, the singer Louis Daniel Armstrong, and political event The Emancipation Proclamation. American patriotism is Americans cultural attachment to the United States as their homeland. The freedom and the safety of the homeland is the key figure in patriotism and in order to provide a concrete security, a nation should have a strong army. This is the main reason of why Americans feel attached to their army. As a movie, “Saving Private Ryan” touches upon the patriotic culture of the United States, Steven Spielberg as the director of the movie narrates a mission about saving an American mother’s last child. Private Ryan’s other brother are all died in the war, so it is important for the government to ensure Ryan’s return safely to his mother. In the movie …show more content…

culture. Three examples which are given above are some of them, Louis Daniel Armstrong, posing as a self-made man, earned his life and contributed to Jazz music with his own unique style to become a worldwide known musician. Saving Private Ryan as a movie depicted on national feelings in such way that even people who are from another culture and nation enjoyed and excited throughout the movie. And lastly, as a political event Emancipation Proclamation represents the U.S with its importance in terms of freedom rights and

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