Compare And Contrast Tuck Everlasting

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Tuck Everlasting is a story of a family that lives forever and never dies. Also there was a girl Winnie that saw the tucks and then ran away with them. The author that wrote this book Natalie Babbitt has a very good imagination. Also there is a movie that is also a good thing to watch if you read the book.

Winnie does not drink the water in the book and in the movie, also Winnie tells her parents that she wanted to run away with the tucks in the book and in the movie. Winnie died because she did not drink the water. “In Loving memory Winifred Foster Jackson Dear Wife Dear Mother 1870-1948.”You would get this on page “138” not only there are similarities in the book and movie there are major differences also.

Winnie is 10 in the book and 15 in the movie, also Winnie and Jesse are not romantic in the book and in the movie Jesse and Winnie kiss. The beginning of the novel and the beginning of the movie are completely different. In the movie Winnie is catching fireflies and talking to the man in the yellow suit and in the book Winnie is just talking to the man in the yellow suit. That is one of the compare and contrast things between the book and in the movie Tuck Everlasting. …show more content…

You want my opinion about the movie? Well here it is the book well the book is nice, but the movie well I can talk about the movie. The movie is really good and the scenery is beautiful and the acting is great my favorite part is when Jesse and Winnie swim together. In conclusion the book is good to read and the movie is good to watch

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