Johnny Tremain: Comparing The Book And Movie

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The book and movie Johnny Tremain, both share many similarities and differences. In the beginning of the book, John Hancock gives Johnny Tremain a duty to make him a sugar basin. But in the movie, Johnny’s long lost relative, Merchant Lyte gives him the responsibility to make him it for him. The other difference is that Isannah, Dove, and Dusty is not recall in the movie as well. They do not cover anything with the laziness of Dove, Dusty, and the sick young girl, Isannah. One of the main conflicts of the book is Johnny’s hand. Most of the people that read the book believes that Dove is the main reason his hand is now deform. But in the movie, Ms. Lapham is. On the other hand, the book clarifies that Johnny cannot get his hand fix, but in contrast of the movie, Dr. Warren offers to fix it for him. …show more content…

This affects everything, since it does not cover Isannah yelling “do not touch me with that dreadful hand.” The end of the court case when Isannah apologizes by kissing his hand, and the shocking response of Merchant Lyte. When he says that he’s going to kidnap Johnny and send him to Guadalupe. The movie does pit-point many connections with the book. For example, Johnny shows Cilla the cup, Josiah Quincy’s helps with the case, the scavenger hunt Johnny takes to find a new job, and his beautiful new horse. But it does not really sum up the enjoyable book by Esther Forbes. Without all the details and struggle between each chapter of the novel, the movie is not as

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